Keri Signoracci

Hi, I’m Keri. Are you questioning your relationship? Should you stay? Should you leave? Are you caught in cycles of hope that things will improve or do you feel stuck in resignation because the fear of the unknown leaves you feeling anxious and lacking self worth?
Do you invest more time and energy in the relationship than your partner, and you are exhausted and longing for them to equally contribute? Is there is destructive or addictive pattern that you are desperate to break?
Do you want to hit the reset button on your currently unfulfilling relationship and create a partnership based on mutuality, safety, passion, and growth? Has an affair ravaged the trust you thought you had? Are you recovering from a divorce and does the grief feel unending? Are you looking to heal attachment wounds?
I am happy to assist you in all of the above scenarios and many more. I will help you normalize and make sense of any struggle you are currently in and you will ideally feel empowered and capable of conquering even the most seemingly unattainable goal throughout the duration of our coaching partnership.
I look forward to meeting you!

Individual coaching: