Elise Becher

Elise Becher

For two decades, I was sleepwalking. I did the right things, got good grades, went to the right schools, and chose a prestigious career in academic medicine. A nagging internal whisper said I had it all wrong, but having a plan made me feel safe. I didn’t know what else to do.

Barely conscious of my inner world, I ignored a gnawing emptiness, which grew into a heavy blanket of numbness. I had a husband, 2 amazing children, and plenty of friends – yet in the quiet moments, I was utterly lost and alone. As long as I stayed busy, I could keep myself calm and functioning. I drove with a fiercely tight grip on the steering wheel of my life; it was how I kept the car on the road.

Mercifully, 7 years ago, I lost control of the car. My life blew up in my face, and I had to wake up and turn off the autopilot and look inside and feel my pain and get real and honest about who I am and why I’m here. And perhaps most importantly, I learned how to deeply connect with others and build true intimacy in my life. Because without that, none of the rest really matters.

Having finally learned this lesson for myself, I feel called to help others do the same, and I am honored to walk alongside my clients on their journeys to creating greater love and connection. I look forward to walking that road with you.

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