Brittany Barcellos

Brittany Barcellos

“I am a firm believer that we have the power to create generational change by first modeling a new way in our own household. My personal work of questioning how my parent’s “”did relationship”” and admitting I wanted to learn a better way led to becoming a certified level one relationship coach and lifelong student of this work.

This work has saved my relationship with my now fiance. It’s my launching pad for all other areas of my life. And it’s the most efficient, potent path back home to myself. Time and time again.

Relationships will show you where you are giving up of yourself and where you can lean into even more love and trust in yourself and others. I am here to be that mirror that for you.
Because I not only want you to show up empowered in your relationships but in your work, in yourself, and in all areas of your life. I believe everyone deserves to feel worthy of this kind of life and love. I will help you reclaim that worthiness. And as you show up fully for yourself, your relationships and life will begin to reflect that.

Working with me is not a quick fix; it is a way of being. A lifestyle for those courageous enough to own what they want and co-create their desires with someone who will meet them halfway on the journey.

So here I am. Open arms, ready to meet you halfway on your journey.”

Individual coaching: